Offering Courses

Swar Sadhana offers various programs/courses to learn Indian classical music and dance. Our goal is to provide quality platform and develop talent. At the same time create opportunities to perform at various professional levels. At Swar Sadhana, quality matters and students are measured based on high-performance quality standards.

Operating at two locations:

We organize parent-child workshops multiple times a year for those who want to explore the opportunities of learning Indian Music and Dance. Please read more about our upcoming workshops.

Basic Structure:

  • Our school operates based on Semesters.
  • Each Semester is designed for 18 to 20 classes
  • Classes run once a week.
  • Each class is 45 to 60 minutes long.
  • The exam will be conducted at the end of the semester.
  • Two evaluations one by the respective teacher and one by the external examiner.
  • Classical Music
  • Light Music
  • Harmonium
  • Keyboard
  • Tabla
  • Flute
  • Sitar
  • Violin
  • Bharatnatyam Dance
  • Folk Dance
  • Bollywood Dance
Exams and Evaluations: 
  • One exam at the end of semester.
  • Two evaluations: one by the teacher and one by the external examiner.
Awards and Recognition: 
  • Student will be awarded with the trophy and certificates at the end of successful completion.
  • Based on quality standards, if student receive GREEN score get reworded with performance opportunity at various levels.
Swar Sadhana

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